**We are all settled into our new Southport, NC location and it’s not to early to start thinking about graduation season!  Typically, graduation and Christmas are our busiest times of the year, so get your shirts in early to make sure they are done for graduation delivery!!!**


Do you have tons of t-shirts of your kid’s sports tournaments….or how about all those 5k and marathon races you’ve run and have shirts stacked in your drawers.

Whether it’s for baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, or even travel, chances are you’ve got t-shirts you’re not ready to throw in the trash pile.  The latest craze is to recycle these shirts by turning them into a keepsake t-shirt quilt.    Here at QuiltMyShirts.com we can use any t-shirts (or jerseys, sweatshirts or regular dress shirts) to make that special quilt for any occasion.  All you need to do is send us your clean t-shirts along with the order form and a  $75 deposit, and in about 2 months** time, your shirts will be delivered back to you made into a treasured t-shirt quilt.


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We want to thank one of our customers (Ianna Eiger) for posting this quilt (above) on our Facebook page.  She LOVES her quilt!!!!

Artwork also makes great blocks.  Our customer Julie N. sent us 20 images of her daughter’s artwork.  We printed them on fabric and below are the results of a few of the blocks.  Please see our options page for more details.


What sets us apart from other t-shirt quilt makers?

  • Quality is the most important thing at T-shirt-quilts.com.
  • We use 100% quilter’s grade cotton for all sashing and backing fabrics.
  • All quilts are professionally machine quilted using a computerized, state-of-the art equipment.   Our patterns are less than 2″ apart in density, making them last for years to come.
  • Quilts are NOT hand-tied.  Hand-tied quilts will not hold up to multiple washings these quilts will undergo.
  • We use a strong non-shine, clear thread for maximum durability.
  • Our battings are high-grade poly (20%) /cotton (80%) blend for the perfect weight and softness.

Please take a look at the video on the left side of this page  to see how your t-shirts will be quilted. This is probably the most important part about the differences in quality among t-shirt quilt businesses.. A hand-tied quilt, or one that is loosly quilted will not hold up as well. Our quilts can be laundered and used over and over again. Also, notice we use a fabric to stabilize around the block for our traditional quilts. This also helps the shirts from stretching out of shape and keeps your quilt durable for years to come.