What Sets Us Apart?


What sets us apart from other t-shirt quilt makers?

Merriam Webster’s definition of a quilt – A bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with batting held in place with ties or a stitched design.
Here at QuiltMyShirts.com we make t-shirt quilts. We don’t advertise quilts and then make you a blanket as some of the other companies out there are doing. Why does it matter? Blankets are stretchy and thin. They will onlyhold up as long as the t-shirt holds up. How many of your shirts have seen better days just from wear? A blanket will wear just like your shirts. Initially you will receive a very soft stretchy product, but it really is not in the same league as what we produce.
Our quilts are professionally machine quilted with a layer of batting in between the layers. We use state of the art computerized equipme Continue reading