What Sets Us Apart?


What sets us apart from other t-shirt quilt makers?

Merriam Webster’s definition of a quilt – A bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with batting held in place with ties or a stitched design.
Here at QuiltMyShirts.com we make t-shirt quilts. We don’t advertise quilts and then make you a blanket as some of the other companies out there are doing. Why does it matter? Blankets are stretchy and thin. They will onlyhold up as long as the t-shirt holds up. How many of your shirts have seen better days just from wear? A blanket will wear just like your shirts. Initially you will receive a very soft stretchy product, but it really is not in the same league as what we produce.
Our quilts are professionally machine quilted with a layer of batting in between the layers. We use state of the art computerized equipment applying patterns that are less than 2″ apart for density. This process stabilizes everything and is the secret to your quilt lasting you a lifetime.
Our competitor’s T-shirt Quilt blankets are made by taking the stretchy t-shirts and only backing them with stretchy fleece without any stitching whatsoever for reinforcement. Stretchy + stretchy is not a good combination for long-lasting strength. They are very economical as they only take a few steps to construct, but you will only get a few more years out of your t-shirts.
Bottom line – if you want them to last a lifetime, have us make you a QUILT!
  • Quality is the most important thing at T-shirt-quilts.com.
  • We use 100% quilter’s grade cotton for all sashing and backing fabrics.
  • All quilts are professionally machine quilted using a computerized, state-of-the art equipment.   Our patterns are less than 2″ apart in density, making them last for years to come.
  • Quilts are NOT hand-tied.  Hand-tied quilts will not hold up to multiple washings these quilts will undergo.
  • We use a strong non-shine, clear thread for maximum durability.
  • Our battings are high-grade poly (20%) /cotton (80%) blend for the perfect weight and softness.

Got Harley shirts?  Click on the picture below for a larger view!

This 36 block quilt is too large to get a flat shot of the whole quilt.untitled (1 of 1)-12

We want to thank one of our customers (Ianna Eiger) for posting this quilt (above) on our Facebook page.  She LOVES her quilt!!!

Check out our gallery for some examples of our work!